We Love Our Communities!

Whenever we say  "First Sentinel Bank is a community bank,"  we're really telling you our story in a nutshell. Since we began in 1979, it has been important to us to support the communities we serve.  First Sentinel Bank believes in building healthy communities by uniting our financial and human resources with organizations and initiatives that are making a difference. 

Our employees feel very strongly about their commitmment to our local communities and are always searching for ways to give back.  Many serve in various capacilities such as boards or committiees of local business and organizations; other give freely of their time whenever possible.  We feel a responsilbility to assist whenever we can, but we always come away with a feeling that we've benefited as a result. 

Simply by banking with us you are helping making our communities a better place to live and work.  Our commitment to community means working together to strengthen our neighborhoods. After all, unity is part of community.

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