Using your First Sentinel Bank Visa Debit Card

Some confusion surrounds the terms “debit” and “credit” when it comes to using your card. Although it is considered a debit card, the payment can be made as either a debit, meaning you would input your pin number to complete the transaction, or as a credit, meaning you would sign to complete the transaction. Both come directly out of your checking account with the difference being that the credit transaction goes through Visa’s network.

When using the card at the ATM or to receive cash back, it must be used as a debit to complete the transaction. The card may be used as a credit in all other instances. There is a difference in the two when it comes to daily limits. The limit is higher as a credit and lower as a debit due to the ability to get cash from the account.


International Transactions

We at First Sentinel Bank know that you want to be able to use your debit card when and where you want, but we also know you want to keep it safe. To help keep your card secure, the majority of international transactions are now being blocked on all First Sentinel Bank Visa debit cards. Canadian transactions are not currently being denied. If you will be traveling or placing an order internationally please contact us at (276) 963-1555 in order to allow transactions on your card. Feel free to call us at the number above with any additional questions.


Fraudulent Transactions

From a fraud standpoint it is best practice to use the card as a credit. Visa offers a zero liability fraud policy for unauthorized transactions.

If you notice a fraudulent transaction on your account, please contact us immediately. If it is after business hours, please call 1-866-546-8273 in order to cancel your card. With our online banking service you have the ability to access your account 24/7. Please review your account regularly in order to verify all transactions. You can also report your card lost or stolen through your online banking account by selecting the options tab. If you are not already, please sign up for online banking by selecting the enroll tab on our homepage.


ExtraAwards is our debit card rewards program. Whenever you use your First Sentinel Bank Visa debit card as a credit (meaning you sign for the purchase instead of using your PIN) you will receive 1 point for every $2 dollars spent. You will need to create an account to register the card on the ExtraAwards website. Here you will find information regarding redemptions as well as the points needed for a redemption. Use your card frequently and start earning rewards today! If you do not have a First Sentinel Bank debit card please contact your local branch to apply!