About Us

Since its original charter in 1978, First Sentinel Bank has grown into one of the leading community banks in the area. With a strong dedication to providing for the needs of the community, First Sentinel Bank will always be a bank that consumers and businesses can trust and depend on.

Through out the years our commitment to every detail of customer service has helped First Sentinel Bank grow to where it is today. It's that same commitment to detail that will continue to drive us into the future and that will cement First Sentinel Bank as the first and only choice for excellent relationship banking.

Please take a look at where we've been and where we're going. . .

  • 1978 - Chartered as Sentinel Savings & Loan Association
  • 1979 - North Tazewell branch opens
  • 1982 - Change in name to operate as Sentinel Savings Bank
  • 1989 - Past President & CEO Dave Peters is hired
  • 1989 - Current Executive Vice President George W. McCall III is hired
  • 1994 - Sentinel Savings Bank changes charter to full service commercial bank FIRST SENTINEL BANK
  • 1998 - First Sentinel Bank becomes a subsidiary of First Region Bancshares, Inc.
  • 2001 - Claypool Hill branch opens
  • 2004 - Image statements, online banking, and online bill payment is offered to customers
  • 2006 - Lebanon Branch opens
  • 2007 - Bluefield Branch opens
  • 2007 - R. Brian Webb accepts position of President & CEO
  • 2008 - J. Robert Buchanan accepts position of President & CEO
  • 2010 - Loan Production Office opens in Princeton, WV
  • 2012 - Loan Production Office opens in Wytheville, VA
  • 2013 - John C. Thompson accepts position of President and J. Robert Buchanan retains position of CEO
  • 2014 - Abingdon LPO Opens
  • 2015 - Wytheville Branch Opens
  • 2015 - John C. Thompson accepts position of CEO and J. Robert Buchanan retires from position of CEO


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