Families On The Go

Managing the financial responsibilities of family life

By the time you have a family of your own, there will be accompanying expenses such as fees for various activities and lessons for your children, family vacations, saving for college educations or buying a new home. Throughout this time, you should regularly evaluate your progress towards achieving the financial goals you set earlier in your life and adjust your spending, budgeting and saving to make sure you stay on track. With all the demands a family places on your income, it is still important to build your long-term investments.

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Tips for Effective Financial Management:

  • Review the cost of your health care insurance and make sure you are getting adequate coverage at the best price.
  • Make wise purchasing decisions by determining what you "need" compared to what you "want." This will help you make ongoing decisions to keep your finances in check.
  • Guard against impulse shopping, especially for costly puchases such as vehicles, major appliances, furniture, jewelry, and the like.

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